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Alternative Print Design Applications
Corel Draw Graphics Suite isn't much of a player in Professional Design circles, but seems to be popular with many businesses. It gives a lot for the price and I've always thought it pretty intuitive.

1) Free alternative to Adobe's Photoshop (raster image editing... like photos)

2) Alternative to Adobe's Illustrator (scalable vector illustration... like logos)

Corel Draw (could work pretty well for page layout too)
Free: inkscape - this is good
Free: - I haven't used this but looks interesting

3) Page Layout alternatives to Quark and Adobe's Indesign
Corel used to have a page layout program called Ventura but I believe that is gone now
MS Publisher (not crazy about it, but it usually comes with a bunch of templates)
Adobe Pagemaker - old and still around... full featured and easier than some Adobe products. It has been replaced by the newer Indesign program.

I haven't used these free alternatives:
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