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Vinyl Lettering and Graphics Installation Instructions

Vinyl Lettering and Graphics Installation Instructions

Notes: Before you begin installation, make sure your mounting surface is thouroughly cleaned of dirt, wax, bugs (leaving no soap residue) and dry. Rubbing alcohol is great as a final cleaner before application on many surfaces. Temperatures should be in excess of 40 degrees.

Step One: Place on surface using a piece of masking tape on each corner.

Step Two: Using a ruler measure each side to make sure sign is level.

Step Three: Run a strip of masking tape across top of sign.

Step Four: Flip sign upside down on window.

Step Five: Starting at bottom left hand corner slowly remove backing paper

Step Six: Flip sign back to starting position making sure not to allow letters to touch mounting surface.

Step Seven: Starting at top center using credit card or drivers license smooth letters onto mounting surface one line at a time from center to right and then center to left/ Once first one of lettering is down move down to next line and repeat above.

Step Eight: Make sure that all letters and transfer paper are completely smoothed.

Step Nine: Remove masking tape from top edge.

Step Ten: Starting at the top left and corner slowly remove transfer paper moving from top left corner to bottom right corner.

Step Eleven: If any air bubbles are present use a pin or needle to poke a hole in the center of bubble and smooth the air out using a finger or credit card


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